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Boxbee's Purity Promise: Beyond the Absence of Harmful Elements

BPA, PVC & Phthalates-Free:

"In a world filled with uncertainties, we understand the comfort of certainties. That's why, at Boxbee, our products are devoid of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. These harmful chemicals, often found in many everyday products, have no place in the intimate moments you share with your baby. Because every meal should be about nourishment, not concerns."


"We recognize the sensitivity of young skin and the potential allergic reactions associated with latex. Your baby's comfort and safety are paramount to us. This is why Boxbee has chosen to be latex-free, ensuring that every touch, every grip is gentle, hypoallergenic, and worry-free."

No Plastics:

"Beyond the immediate safety concerns, at Boxbee, we're always thinking of the bigger picture. Plastics and their degradation can harm our planet, the very place our children will inherit. By choosing not to include plastics in our products, we are not only ensuring today's safety but also taking a stand for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow."


"At the heart of Boxbee is a simple truth - love and care. It's mirrored in our commitment to pure, safe, and sustainable materials. It's reflected in our promise to stand against harmful elements. And most importantly, it's validated every time you, with trust, let Boxbee be a part of your baby's journey."


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